5 Boho Accessories You Need For 2017

You deserve to feel special-- this season, try some new boho accessories so you can feel glamorous every day.

These accessories are appropriate anytime, so you can feel beautiful when you're enjoying a fancy dinner out -- or just turn heads at the supermarket.

1.) Ring Set

Nothing says bohemian style like a bunch of rings. Having more variety makes it fun and easy to mix and match -- so you can express your own unique style. (Pictured: Turkish Ring Set

2.) Statement Necklace

Make a grand entrance! Statement necklaces are making a huge comeback this year. Now is your chance to make a BOLD statement. (Pictured: Rhinestone Statement Necklace)

3.) Ear Cuff

Give some love to the rest of your ear. Earrings are important-- but not the only way to accent your ears. Be different-- people will notice (Pictured: Rhinestone Ear Cuff)

4.) Arm Cuff

Show off the rest of your arm! Bracelets are great-- but an arm cuff adds a unique flair to your style and is sure to turn some heads. (Pictured: Vintage Arrow Arm Cuff)

5.) Choker

Chokers were very popular in 2016-- If you haven't already added a couple to your collection-- it's not too late.  (Pictured: Leather Choker Necklace)


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